OrderCare works with all orders, both offline and online, both past and present, to provide customers and sales partners an unified view of available options for services and flexibilities as well as additions and value-added offers. OrderCare services and flexibilities can be accessed via multiple touchpoints -- order tracking pages, email or commercial documents --  and can be exposed to all participants -- customers, account managers, resellers, and customer service representatives.

Customers gravitate their business to suppliers where they can leverage relationships and get  flexibilities like rerouting, short-term warehousing and order variations. With OrderCare, the cost and time for communications and decisions during the moving-target post-order ecosystem is dramatically slashed, so the window to provide services is not missed. Customers get real-time flexibility and service and resellers can now become more agile in responding to their end-customer needs without having to jump through multiple hoops or resort to extended manual interactions.

Suppliers initiate post-order interactions to increase the value of engagements. They continue to push excess capacities, draw attention to related products and accessories, sell value added services or invite substitutions of in-short-supply items. The effort of continued interaction and upselling requires intimate knowledge of what is physically possible to do and coordination with multiple distributed stakeholders in marketing, sales, and logistics. The current manual interactions during the moving target period are tedious and create a bottleneck for corporations dealing with a large number of customers, partners and orders. With OrderCare, it is possible to directly engage more customers and distribution chain partners to maximize the value of each engagement.


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