Extend Marketplaces

Marketplaces today have three primary objectives:

  • accelerate critical mass by increasing the value proposition

  • minimize the need for offline contact, increasing the value to the marketplace itself

  • distinguish themselves by providing value and engagement from cradle to grave

The initial focus of marketplaces was on matching buyers and sellers, getting trades made, and then ensure fulfillment. However, suppliers find themselves having to sell on price, with few ways to distinguish.

In the offline world, people do business with people who make them look good! The ability to provide flexibility and service during engagement, e.g. the capacity to react when customer’s needs change, is crucial to a customer’s choice. eCommerce and procurement solutions help get the marketplace to the point of supporting transactions, but do not expose suppliers’ flexibility and service capabilities.

As such, even if a transaction starts online, frequently buyers have to contact suppliers using phone or fax. The situation is even more difficult when the buyer is unfamiliar with the supplier’s organization, or with the outsourcers involved in the commerce chain. Inefficiencies apart, the danger for the marketplace is that contacts transfer offline and the value attributed to the marketplace is low.

OrderCare provides the infrastructure to extract, deliver and monetize flexibilities and services throughout the marketplace’s commerce chain.

OrderCare also enables suppliers and logistics players to increase revenues by continuing to up-sell and offer incremental transactions beyond the buy button. 3rd party spot-services like inspectors and appraisers can also participate effectively, inserting themselves into deals as the need arises.

OrderCare Benefit
Suppliers on marketplaces can finally distinguish themselves on their ability to provide flexibilities and services during engagements. Result: less margin pressure and greater value attributed to the marketplace.



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