Automated Customer Interaction with Supply and
Distribution Chains

Enterprises are making a huge investment to automate their distribution chains. Key objectives are:

Differentiation: Make it easier and more valuable for resellers and
                       customers to do business with the enterprise.
Efficiencies:      Reduce operational costs and remove bottlenecks
                       to expansion.                               
New Value:       Maximize ROI by improving resource, inventory and
                       capacity utilization.

As part of this effort, enterprises are bringing content, catalog and order authorization online. However, when it comes to providing value during the post-order ecosystem, it is not so important whether the order is placed online or offline. What is important is the enterprise’s inherent ability to harness its own and its partners’ flexibilities and service capabilities.

OrderCare provides a fundamental back-end platform to extract and monetize flexibilities throughout the distribution chain. OrderCare also automates the different participants’ workflow and escalation procedures for delivering and transacting flexibilities. Enterprises get a full solution to automate processes unique to the post-order ecosystem:

  • moving target and shifting responsibilities

  • balancing the “inventory” of flexibilities to avoid disruption

  • decisions that go beyond simply what can still physically be done

  • multiple stakeholders who together influence service and flexibility, but whose rules may conflict

  • real-time commitments—often partial commitments—to customers within batch processes

OrderCare Benefit
Enterprises can now enable resellers to rapidly react to changing customer requirements. They can pro-actively strengthen relationships by continuing to push new opportunities throughout the life of an order.  Result: greater loyalty, more control over the distribution chain experience and lower operational costs.


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