Extend Commerce Beyond the Buy Button

Bricks and clicks eBusinesses are looking for revenue and profit growth on an existing customer acquisition base. The key pressure points are:  

  • converting more visitors

  • increasing the value of each engagement

  • reducing operational costs

Today, the typical shopping cart abandonment rate is 65% or higher (source: Boston Consulting Group). A prime cause is the fear of commitment, e.g. “What if I want to change the color?” OrderCare delivers post-order flexibilities online and reduces the fear of commitment, and has the potential to dramatically increase revenues. A 10% reduction in shopping cart abandonment means 20% increase in revenues.

Also, today, up-selling at the point of sale often runs into sticker-shock and confusion. Ongoing post-order up-selling can catch the renewed propensity to spend and consider new things. OrderCare engages the 45.6% of customers who revisit a site primarily for order tracking (source: Jupiter), and virtually 100% of customers who open order confirmation email. This is a huge potential to turn a currently sterile engagement into profit, while giving both customers and retailers saved shipping on added items.

A huge percentage of customers attempt post-order interaction with the eBusiness. As the post-order period is a moving target period, interactions are complex and time consuming. OrderCare automates most post-order interactions avoiding expensive phone calls.

OrderCare Benefit
eBusinesses can lower their customers’ fear of commitment, the greatest single cause of shopping cart abandonment. Result: higher revenue, increased margins and greater customer satisfaction.



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