OrderCare Announces Release of Version 1.O Platform

New Product Launch Automates Post-Order Commerce and Collaboration for Enterprise Demand Chains, Marketplaces and eBusinesses

FREMONT, CALIF. – Jan. 8, 2001 – OrderCare today announced the release of its breakthrough v1.0  infrastructure platform to automate post-order commerce and collaboration.  OrderCare’s patent pending technology leverages investments in supply chain management, ERP and CRM solutions to automate fundamental post-order interactions like customer initiated requests for order variations, re-routing, and short-term warehousing and supplier initiated incremental sales of related products, excess capacities and post-order services.

“OrderCare allows businesses to not only “sell while you sleep”, but also “serve while you sleep” said President and CEO Vijay Mital.  “OrderCare revolutionizes the way businesses leverage the post-order period to harness existing processes and flexibilities to increase revenues and gain cost efficiencies.”

OrderCare provides an independent platform to extract and monetize flexibilities throughout the distribution chain. OrderCare also automates different participants’ workflow and escalation procedures for delivering and transacting flexibilities. For the first time, post-order behavior and analytics are available for process optimization. Enterprises and marketplaces get a full solution to automate processes unique to the post-order ecosystem:

·         moving target and shifting responsibilities

·         balancing the “inventory” of flexibilities to avoid disruption

·         decisions that go beyond simply what can still physically be done

·         multiple stakeholders who together influence service and flexibility, but whose rules may conflict

·         real-time commitments—often partial commitments—to customers within batch processes

OrderCare Access
OrderCare works with all orders, both offline and online, both past and present, to provide customers and sales partners a unified view of available options for services and flexibilities as well as additions and value-added offers. OrderCare services and flexibilities can be accessed via multiple touch-points -- order tracking pages, email or commercial documents and can be exposed to all participants -- customers, account managers, resellers, and customer service representatives.

OrderCare enabled services are now available to be rapidly implemented for immediate differentiation – typical implementation cycles are between 60 – 90 days.

Pricing is based on a unique model where customers pay for service activation and monthly usage. Activation fees cover scoping the service, configuring the system and deploying the service. Monthly usage fees cover transaction volume, operations, and support.

About OrderCare
OrderCare’s patent pending technology leverages investments in Supply Chain Management, ERP, and CRM solutions to automate post-order commerce and collaboration. OrderCare is the primary platform by which customers and demand chain partners obtain agility from businesses.  With OrderCare, companies can automate their channels and logistics response faster, deliver value immediately and adapt their business ahead of the competition.   Located in the Silicon Valley, OrderCare is a fast-moving venture backed company.  For more information, visit the company website at www.OrderCare.com.  

OrderCare Contact:
Vinay Goel 
Executive VP of Marketing
(510) 226-7200



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