OrderCare was funded in Q1'00 by prominent angels and technology luminaries.  In Q4'00, OrderCare raised further investment from venture capital firms listed below: 
Highgate Ventures

Highgate Ventures is a holding company that provides its own proprietary, value-added services, strategy and proven methodologies to its companies. Highgate Ventures encourages synergy across its network so companies share client leads and processes to provide a higher level of customer and shareholder value.  For more information on Highgate, visit www.highgateventures.com.

Whelan & Gratny Capital Management/Encinal Partners

Founded in 1990, Whelan & Gratny Capital Management/ Encinal Partners is one of the leading technology crossover funds in Silicon Valley.H. Gabe Whelan and Gary Gratny are the firmís partners. Some of the firmís representative investments include Commerce One, Affymetrix, enCommerce, Sage Semiconductor, Eprise, Perfect.com, Colt Telecom, Aironet and Fogdog Sports. The firmís partners have served in many capacities in the high-tech sector including in management and as board members. It is the charter of the firm to identify and invest in emerging companies addressing potentially massive markets with proven management teams.

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